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Planning to upgrade your bathroom mirror and want some tips? I’ve done countless bathroom mirror installations over the last decade so I know a thing or two about what makes a mirror really work for your space. Here you’ll find my top styling and installation tips to help you pick the right mirror and decide where it needs to go.


Why upgrade your bathroom mirror?


Aside from your shower screen, your bathroom mirror is a major feature in your bathroom or ensuite.

Your mirror will affect how your space feels – adding airiness, spaciousness, and reflecting light. And it’s really practical, of course – we all need a mirror to help us get ready for work, tackle the hairs on our chin(s), and brush our teeth without spilling toothpaste on our shirt.

Everyone needs a bathroom mirror. And chances are, you already have one. But it might not be the right mirror for your space – and it might time for an upgrade, especially if you’re renovating your bathroom and you’ve upgraded your other fixings. An old bathroom mirror might still get the job done, but a new one will brighten up your space and ensure you have the same, stylish look throughout your newly renovated bathroom.


shower screen and mirror install


Types of bathroom mirrors


Once you’re ready to upgrade, the next step is to figure out what type of bathroom mirror fits your space and the overall design of your bathroom. Here are the common types of bathroom mirrors and why you might pick them:

  • Frameless bathroom mirror – great for a super-sleek, minimalist look and will match perfectly with your frameless shower screens
  • Framed bathroom mirror – if you’ve got a framed shower screen, it might make sense to choose a framed bathroom mirror with a matching frame
  • Rounded – round lines in your bathroom can make a unique statement and break up the otherwise straight lines
  • Square – square bathroom mirrors are a popular shape, depending on the scale of your bathroom
  • Rectangular – we’re seeing a cool trend right now towards long, horizontal lines in bathroom mirrors

Cabinet-mounted – if your bathroom cabinets are mounted on the wall, you might place your bathroom mirror on the front to conceal them and save space


How high should a bathroom mirror be mounted?


The next thing to decide when you’re doing a bathroom mirror installation is where you’ll install it. In most cases, it’ll make sense to position your main bathroom mirror directly above the sink. But you might also have a secondary bathroom mirror on another wall, especially if you have a larger space.

When choosing how high to position a bathroom mirror, I always consider these factors:

  • What height will it need to be for all users to easily see their face in the mirror?
  • Where can it capture the most light?
  • What will it reflect in this position?
  • How will the lines look compared to other lines in the bathroom (cabinets, shower frames, window ledges, etc.)?
  • Where are the splashbacks and tiles located?
  • Does it look better going straight up to meet the ceiling, or connected with the sink?

As you can see, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer! I’d have to see your bathroom and mirror to know for sure how high you should install it. But if you consider all the factors I mentioned above, you’ll be able to decide on the ideal spot for your mirror.


long mirror


How to really make your mirror shine

I could tell you all about the wonders of a bottle of vinegar and paper towel, but what you really need to know for your bathroom mirror installation is style. How can you use the rest of your space to help your mirror make an impact? Here are some tips I’ve picked up from some of my favourite jobs:

  • Make it match – if you have black framed shower screens and black framed windows, get a black framed mirror!
  • Capture the light – when you lay out your bathroom and choose how you position your bathroom mirror, try putting your mirror where it can reflect the most light
  • Go big – use your mirror to make a statement and help your space feel bigger with the biggest sized mirror you can fit in your space

Accessorise – once you’ve finished your renovation, add some finishing touches like new towels (that match!) and luscious indoor plants

Should you DIY your bathroom mirror installation?


Unless you’re a handyman with some spare time to do it yourself, I wouldn’t normally recommend a DIY job on your bathroom mirror installation. Here’s why it’s a good idea to leave it up to the pros:

  • Advice when you work with a professional, you get access to their years’ of experience and professional advice on what will work for your space
  • Safety – mirrors are heavy and yours could be dangerous if it falls, so it’s important that it’s properly secured using the right methods
  • Aesthetics – don’t risk a dodgy DIY job messing up your beautiful new mirror and bathroom renovation
  • Customisation – a mirror installation professional will be able to custom cut and measure your mirror to fit your space, so you get something made just for you

Over to you…


I’d love to know what kind of bathroom mirror you have now, and if you could upgrade, what’s your dream bathroom mirror style? Let me know in the comments.

And as always, if you’re based in Perth (like me) and would like some help with your bathroom mirror installation, give me a call (08 6555 8370) and we can book in a free quote and measure at your place. And if you like, while I’m there, I can also take a look at your shower screen and come up with a full package that works perfectly together.



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