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Trend alert: black framed shower screens


Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a bit of a trend. Black framed shower screens are becoming a popular option for new homes and the top choice for many bathroom renovations.

So I thought I’d explore the trend a bit further and look into the benefits of choosing a black framed shower screen. That way, you can add them to your shortlist and see if this bathroom trend might be right for you.


Why people are loving black framed shower screens


I’ve done my research and chatted to my customers to come up with the top reasons why black framed shower screens are so popular:

  • Black is on-trend throughout both home interiors and exteriors
  • They’re the perfect balance between making a bold statement and remaining neutral
  • It’s retro, modern, industrial, and traditional all at once
  • You can easily match your existing decor
  • Black frames can help to define your space and create a feature out of your shower area
  • In bathrooms where white is the traditional choice for both wall paint and tiles, black frames can bring a welcome contrast
  • Use them to reinforce geometric lines in your space
  • They can naturally draw your eye to the features within – like gorgeous tilework or a luxurious shower head


Trending upwards


Shower screens aren’t the only place you’ll find black frames rising in popularity. You’ll find they’re a popular option for window frames in new homes, artwork framing, and even black-framed glasses are on trend right now.

If you look at Google Trends, you’ll see searches for “black frame” in Australia have gone steadily up for the past 5 years.



Black is most definitely back.


Styling tips for your black shower screen frames


Black framed shower screens are an easy look to style. Keep the following tips in mind to get the most out of them:

  • Balance them with another darker element, so they’re not isolated
  • Carry the style through to your bathroom mirrors with a black frame to match
  • Add black-framed pictures to hang on the wall
  • Update your sink hardware to match
  • If you get the choice, go with black window frames to match
  • Incorporate black feature tiles and/or patterns
  • Brighten the space up with greenery, indoor plants, and crisp whites
  • Avoid using too much black in your space so your bathroom still feels bright, spacious, and airy

Benefits of choosing a framed shower screen


I saved the best news of all till last…

This is one trend you definitely can afford to get on board with! Framed shower screens are one of the most affordable types of shower screens. And you can get them in nearly any configuration to suit your space, including:

All you need to do is confirm what layout works for your bathroom, then tell your shower screen installer you’d like black frames – easy!


Over to you…


Do you think black framed shower screens are a great choice? Reckon the trend is here to stay or will we see them phased out in a year or so? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

And as always, if you’d like help with your shower screen installation and you’re local to me (in Perth) give me a call (08 6555 8370) and we can book in a free quote and measure at your place.




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