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What Is Better About Small Business

Here at AMAC Showerscreens & Robes, we pride ourselves on being a small, family run business. This means that the brains trust who runs the show is the same one who will meet with you for the initial consult and is the same one who will discuss your...

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How To Clean Soap Scum From Your Shower Screen

DIRTY SHOWER SCREENS Glass shower screens add style and beauty to any bathroom. But if you don’t maintain and clean them regularly, eventually they can build up a film of unsightly soap scum. Soap scum will build up more quickly if you have hard water,...

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Shattering Shower Screens

Shattering Shower Screens Perth In the news not too long ago, there was a spate of stories on shower doors shattering for “no apparent reason”, with the worst case seeing a young boy taken to hospital from hundreds of cuts all over his body. Usually when we think of...

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