Frameless Shower Screens Perth

AMAC Showerscreens, are dedicated to delivering total customer satisfaction, from the initial consultation process to the completed installation of your shower screens

AMAC Showerscreens & Robes offer premium quality frameless shower screens Perth in, stunning WA processed glass which are designed and installed specifically to add a touch of class to your new or existing bathroom renovation. The AMAC team provide only the very best range of frameless shower screens Perth, with an extensive range of options for a truly unique design that complements the styling of your bathroom.

Our friendly team are qualified professionals who are here to help you achieve your dream bathroom. We are only too happy to answer your questions and queries that arise when considering the installation of an AMAC frameless shower screens Perth.

AMAC Showerscreens & Robes can have a stunning new shower screen measured and installed on time and on budget, ensuring your requirements and expectations are more than exceeded. We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled customer service and delivering state-of-the-art glass products that you can rely on. Just read our reviews.

Frameless shower screens Perth are the pricey way to update your bathroom to a modern and high-end look. Frameless shower screens require only a small amount of hardware to connect the panels, as it is a self-supported system.

AMAC Stands behind every shower screen installation. Read our customer reviews.

At AMAC Showerscreens & Robes we pride ourselves on our customer service and know our quality glass shower screen products and service sets us apart from other suppliers. Once ordered installation can be completed within 5-7 days

Types of Shower Screens Available

Fixed Panel Frameless Shower Screens Perth

With a fixed panel shower screen, the glass is anchored to one side of the wall. You will enter on the other side as there will be no door. If you have had problems with door hinges in the past or you are looking for something streamlined and elegant, this can be the best choice for you.                         

Inline Hinged Frameless Shower Screens Perth

The inline hinged shower screens is a wall to wall solution, with a single door operating via hinges. This item is an elegant solution for double showers, and is one of our most popular items for larger bathrooms.       

Fix & Swing Frameless Shower Screens Perth

Like the name suggests, the fix and swing shower screen consists on a fixed panel, attached to a hinged panel. This is the perfect solution for bath/shower combinations.                         

Inline Slider Frameless Shower Screens Perth

Similar to the inline hinged frameless shower screen, the inline slider is a wall to wall glass panel solution, with one entrance via a glass sliding door. We use the highest quality material for our inline sliders slider to ensure that the slider mechanism is perfectly balanced, and opens with the slightest touch.                     

Corner Hinged Frameless Shower Screens Perth

The corner hinged frameless shower is a popular solution in modern bathroom renovations. The design consists of two side panels squaring off a corner of the bathroom. We have a variety of customer sizes for corner shower screen to cater for both single and double shower requirements.                          

Corner Slider Frameless Shower Screens Perth

Similar to the corner hinged option, the corner variety is another popular shower design for modern bathrooms. Designed to use bathroom space, the shower consists of a sliding panel for the entrance.