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Frosted shower screens – your bathroom has never looked so cool


You know how much I love talking about shower trends, right? Well, today we’re going to talk about frosted shower screens. They’re so cool right now (because they’re frosted, get it? Okay moving on now…)

I’ve installed a couple of frosted shower screens in the last month or so and I’m starting to see them pop up pretty regularly. It’s a trend to watch, and for good reason.


Why you’ll love frosted shower screens


First and foremost, we find that more people are choosing frosted shower screens for added privacy in the family bathroom. But hang on – do people shower with the door open?! Yep, sometimes. If you have younger kids and/or only one bathroom between a few people, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A frosted screen means extra privacy when you’re showering and someone else comes in to wash their hands or brush their teeth. It’s not for everyone, but many families love having this feature!

Consider this – if you used to have shower curtains, they probably made you feel a bit more private and enclosed. Frosted shower screens can give you that same feeling without the gross shower curtain feeling, mould, and mess.

Another benefit many people don’t realise until after they start to use their frosted shower screen is that they’re great for hiding the mess. If you have bottles, brushes, and scrubbers galore hanging out in your shower, your guests won’t really see them from the outside. And you don’t have to clean your shower as often because frosted glass doesn’t show soap scum as easily as clear glass.

But they’re not just practical, your frosted shower screens can add interest and even match your frosted bathroom windows.


Frosted glass v clear glass


Clear vs frosted shower doors – what’s the price difference?


Frosted shower screens are a little pricier than your regular clear glass panels. For example, if a panel cost you $200 with normal glass, you could expect to pay closer to $350 for the special frosting treatment. So a frosted shower screen costs around 75% more than unfrosted, but you do get those added value benefits I listed above.


Why frosted shower screens won’t suit everyone


We all have different tastes when it comes to decor, shower screens included! But there’s a really practical reason (other than price) why not everyone will want a frosted shower screen for their bathroom.

Frosting on your shower screen helps to break up a space, almost like an extra internal wall. This can make a small bathroom feel even smaller. So my advice would be that if you’ve got a small bathroom and maximising space is important to you, stick with the clear glass shower screens and find another trend you can incorporate into your space instead. And while you’re here, check out our other blog for tips: The best shower screens for small spaces

If you’re short on space and are really set on frosted glass shower screens, that’s okay. My tip would be to combine this look with a type of shower door that’s going to keep your space nice and open. In the picture below, you’ll see a job I completed recently with a fixed shower screen panel in frosted glass. You’ll see that even though the glass isn’t clear, the space doesn’t feel too small or boxed in.


fixed panel frosted screen


But if you’ve got a good amount of space to play with, plenty of natural light, and lighter coloured tiles with porcelain features… a frosted shower screen will look right at home.


Frosted shower screen options


You can get different types of frosting and patterns that change how opaque your shower screen is, including different textures, tints, and finishes. Just talk to your local custom shower screen installer and they’ll be able to talk you through your options. (If you’re in Perth, that’s me!)

And of course, you’ll be able to choose any type of shower door that’s right for your space, like a fixed panel shower screen, frameless shower screen, semi-frameless shower screen, framed shower screen, or sliding shower screen. So many options!


beutiful shower screen frosted


Here’s a shower screen we did recently in Bassendean, Perth. It turned out great – and notice how the frosted glass adds so much privacy (almost like a separate shower room) without blocking out the light. The towel rail is a nice feature too, right? Cuts down the time from shower-to-towel to mere milliseconds.


Other current shower screen trends to watch for


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Over to you…


Do you have a bathroom renovation or new build planned for the near future? Leave me a comment below and share the type of shower screen you’ve chosen and why (whether it’s frosted glass or clear glass, sliding, fixed, or pivot!).

And as always, if you’re looking for frosted shower screens in Perth or a local person to advise you on the best shower screens for your space, I can help. Give me a call (08 6555 8370) and we can book in a free quote and measure at your place.



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