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Project Description

Client:   Glen Halliday
Location:   Ascot, Perth, WA
Year Completed: 2017
Value: $2000+
Type: Semi frameless shower screens

Bath Shower Screens Perth

Glen wanted to update both bath shower screens in his Perth house, one of which had a standard corner shower recess, and the other was a corner recess that met the family bath tub. He wanted a modern look to his bathrooms without a full overhaul or renovation, and within his budget. Upon consultation with us, we both agreed that a semi-frameless shower screen that could be custom fit to the space would be his best option.

The Challenges

Aside from the custom shower panel over the bathtub, the biggest challenge to overcome was the ensure that Glen got value for money when it came to updating his bathrooms in an effective way, without breaking the bank, and at the same time, ensuring the new shower screen ensembles joined seamlessly with the look of the current bathrooms.

Problems Solved

A semi-frameless shower screen was chosen for both bathrooms, incorporating polished silver trims, which worked with both the budget requirement and the modern feel. Glen was over the moon with how effective the new shower screens were in transforming his bathrooms to look fresh and modern.
The join of the bathtub and shower recess meant a dog-leg shower panel was required, which is trade talk for a shower panel with a custom cut-out to fit existing features.

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