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Project Description

Client:   Cheryl Sharland
Location:   Lesmurdie, Perth, WA
Year Completed: 2017
Value: $1.100+
Type: Sliding shower screen (Semi Frameless)

Bathroom Shower Screens Perth

The Sharlands’, a family of five from Lesmurdie in the Perth Hills, were updating their bathroom shower screen as part of some home renovations. They needed a shower screen that would work with their family needs, during the often chaotic shower time. Cheryl wanted to be able to easily turn on and off the water to the shower, without risking a flooded bathmat by interrupting the water flow with a swivel door. A sliding semi-framed shower screen was the best solution for their bathroom and personal requirements.

The Outcome

Cheryl was extremely happy with the sliding glass shower screen that was installed, it allows her to easily access both the hot and cold taps, without the struggle of trying not to splash water everywhere as would be likely with a swivel door.
AMAC provided a competitive quote for the family and installed the new sliding shower screen door quickly and without fuss.

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