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Project Description

Client:   Carmela Mucciolo
Location:   Bedford, Perth, WA
Year Completed: 2019
Value: $1200+                                                                                                                     Type Of Screen:Corner entry shower screens

Corner Entry Shower Screens

Carmela & her husband had recently renovated their small bathroom. We were brought in to solve the problem of the small space, awkward bathroom layout and how to fit a functional screen in the tight area. Carmela had a number of other companies out and she had not liked any of their ideas. She had a vanity on the left and the toilet on the right and until AMAC arrived, nobody had come up with a suitable suggestion. Once I arrived on site and assessed the layout, I had suggested a corner entry shower screen which had two sliding shower screen doors, that met at the 90 degree angle. This option would be a little more expensive than a traditional shower screen, but Carmela was very happy with the solution as it made the best use of space and looked functional and stylish too.


The Challenges

Carmela had purchased her vanity and had her step down already put in place. As this was a hobless shower recess we had to make sure our screen still gave Carmela enough space between her vanity and shower screen so she could keep the space clean


Problems Solved

Having a corner entry shower screen has been an excellent use of space in a very small bathroom. It has allowed Carmela to have a bigger vanity (which she had wanted) and has meant that people can access the shower without having the door hit the toilet. As this is a semi frameless shower screen the area has not been shut off and the illusion of space has been created. Carmela and her family are really happy with the screen and their new bathroom.


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