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Project Description

Client:   Christine Gillan
Location:   Iluka, Perth, WA
Year Completed: 2017
Value: $1000+                                                                                                     Type Of Screen: Frameless shower panel

Frameless Bath Panel Perth

Christine was updating her teenage sons’ bathroom shower screen, as the previous semi-frameless shower screen had rusted out around the framing due to a lack of attention (turns out teenagers don’t like to clean, who knew?!). She wanted a new, low-maintenance frameless shower panel for the space so that the same problems didn’t occur again in the future.

The Challenges

As Christine did not want the risk of rusting around a framed shower screen again, a frameless screen was really the only option for what she was trying to achieve. However, due to the shower recess being quite deep, large shower panels were required, and by law, anything over 2m x 1m require extra support.

Problems Solved

Putting in a frameless shower screen for Christine meant the risk of a rusted frame in the future is eliminated. It provides a low-maintenance option with a high-class finish.
The new design of bracing for large frameless shower panels in Perth means that there is no need for the old rod bracing system that were used in the past and look out-dated.

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