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Project Description

Client:   John Thackray
Location:   High Wycombe, Perth, WA
Year Completed: 2019
Value: $1000+                                                                                                                     Type Of Screen: Pivot Door Shower Screen

Pivot Door Shower Screen

John was renovating his outdated bathroom as his early 90’s home was started to look a little tired. John had done his own tiling and as a result would need a custom made shower screen to suit the space that he had created. He wanted a pivot door shower screen to replace the outdated framed screen in his old bathroom.


The Challenges

The main reason John required a custom shower screen was the angle created on the hob. John had made the hob at an angle of 137.5 degrees and a standard hob is 90 degrees ( i.e. a square area). We had to measure the hob angle correctly and get the frames and glass mitered so we could get a nice snug fit. Some of the walls had some big angles on them running out up to 8mm, so we had to allow for this also.


Problems Solved

By putting in a (perfectly) custom fit shower screen and pivot door, we made sure you could no longer see the wall running out and finished the area off in perfectly stylish way. We also had enough space to put in a frameless mirror.


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