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Project Description

Client:   Craig & Therese
Location:    Rivervale, Perth, WA
Year Completed: 2018
Value: $2000+
Type: Sliding Shower screen, fixed Panel shower screen

Shower Cubicle Perth

Craig and Therese had consulted several bathroom designers, none of which had managed to solve the problems they were incurring in their bathroom renovation, the most problematic of which was that the showerscreen door opened onto the toilet. That was an issue for both anyone wanting to use the toilet and anyone wanting to enter the shower cubicle as they couldn’t open the shower door the whole way. AMAC came up with a suitable solution that not only solved the space issues, it created a sleek new shower design.

The Challenges

The small space of the shower cubicle in this Perth home was constrained by a nib wall on one side and the toilet on the other. Access was only possible through one point of the shower cubicle, so we knew it was just a matter of coming up with a solution that allowed easiest access, whilst maximising space and solving the swinging door challenge.

Problems Solved

By changing from a swinging door access to a sliding door access, we managed to maximise the space and eliminated the toilet causing any issue when entering or exiting the shower.
Craig and Therese were so pleased with our solution, they couldn’t’ believe none of their previous consultants had come up with the same answer. They were so please in fact, they commissioned us to install the shower screen in their main bathroom also.

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