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Project Description

Client:   Jane & John Poyner
Location:   Busselton, Perth, WA
Year Completed: 2017
Value: $1200+
Type: Semi Frameless shower screen

Jane and John had two out-dated bathrooms, one with a classic 80’s wire mesh glass shower screen and shower curtain combination and the other with an aging cream  trimmed glass door and panel set. They were updating both bathrooms so needed their shower screens to match their new updated bathroom look.

The Challenges

The main challenge with this job was in the ensuite where the shower hob had a 136 degree angle, which meant where the shower panel met the shower screen was a non-standard joining angle. Similarly, where the shower panel meets the tiled bathroom wall there was a non-standard 46 degree angle to be dealt with, which meant joining screws and waterproofing all needed special consideration to ensure safety, security and water-tightness.


The main bathroom needed a new glass shower screen hinged door and return panel to eliminate the old curtain and rail, nobody likes having a cold shower curtain touch them unexpectedly mid-shower!
The old 80’s wire mesh glass panel was replaced with a new toughened-glass shower screen with polished silver trim. The two new glass panels were water-proofed with silicon joint to ensure no leakage.
The difficult angles in the ensuite required extra planning and resulted in a custom-made swivel joint on the frame fixing.

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