Semi frameless shower screens Perth.

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AMAC Showerscreen & Robes Euro semi frameless shower screens are Chic and sleek, the contemporary design and effortless function of the Euro complement any bathroom décor.

Don’t let AMAC's Euro semi frameless shower screens Perth good looks fool you, we designed this strong and practical shower for the rigours of daily

use, Euro features allow for effortless cleaning with hardware engineered for durability.

 semi framless shower screens

Access a cleaner shower

AMAC Showerscreen & Robes in Perth we understand the biggest challenge of a bathroom is keeping it clean. Our shower enclosures incorporate features to help. And you don’t want to sacrifice style just to get a clean bathroom.



Neptune semi-frameless shower screens perth takes flexible design and strong performance and wraps them up in a pretty package. The Neptune is square cut, glazed with silicon, offering inspiring performance.

Helpful Hint

Always consider your bathroom size and space available. Shower screens with sliding doors are best for small spaces. Pivoted and hinged doors are more suitable for larger space

The Neptune provides a timeless semi-frameless shower enclosure design that brings fresh form to any modern bathroom.

·         Tried and tested semi-frameless design

·         Magnetic shower door closure

·         Choice of handle styles

·         Available in multiple configurations

Positive-close magnetic catch ensures the door closes perfectly in line, every time.

Door pivots with long-lasting stainless steel hinge pins are colour matched to co-ordinate with the frame.

Optional handles offer an even more elegant look to enhance any enclosure. D handle or finger pull available.

Doors fitted with top and bottom rails are also available to fully complement the horizontal theme.

 Which is better Frameless or Semi frameless shower screens

Although a shower screen is functional, it can also be a design statement. Nothing says this better than a semi-frameless or frameless shower screen. However when it comes to making a choice, they both have their relative pros and cons, so what’s good for one person might not necessarily suit the criteria of another. Let’s take a look at some of them.


When it comes to cost, the frameless variety is often up to 75% more expensive. As the name suggests it’s a screen that has no framing around it whatsoever and this means that it’s held up with a sophisticated fixing mechanism using toughened fixings. Because you have to use 10mm thick glass on a frameless shower screen this is where the bulk of the cost is swallowed up. A semi-frameless shower screen on the other hand is framed around the perimeter of the glass and you only have to use 6mm thick glass. Plus they’re easier to fit and don’t require specialist fixings, they’re usually cheaper.


Both semi-framed and frameless glass shower screens come in thicknesses of 6mm and 10mm. The 10mm frameless are toughened glass and these are the sizes that are least popular. They both also comes in a choice of tinted, frosted, clear glass and on some you can even have your own bespoke design if you wish – although this comes at a very costly price. On a semi-framed glass shower screen the framing is usually fashioned from aluminum and as such comes in a wide variety of colours and shades. This means that it’s easy to find a screen that matches perfectly with your colour scheme.


When it comes to an overall finish and look, both can appear fantastic given the right setting, However if you were a perfectionist going for that sophisticated, seamless, steam-lined design in your bathroom, then a frameless shower screen really does give it the wow factor.


Unfortunately when it comes to a leaking shower screen the frameless loses quite badly. The semi frameless really holds up when it comes to a leak and therefore is more suitable for a family setting.

So what’s the verdict?

Semi-frameless shower screens can still give a great look and come in many different guises. They also offer virtually everything a frameless shower screen can give. So if you’re looking to jazz up your bathroom with a glass shower screen but without the high cost, then consider a semi-framed version. If however you won’t compromise when it comes to specific design aspects, then be prepared to dig deep and pay considerably more.