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12 shower maintenance tips to help your custom shower screen last longer.

  Custom glass shower screens aren’t cheap, although you’ll probably agree they are worth it for the result. But the good news is you can protect your investment and make them last longer with proper cleaning! I know, I know. Bathroom and shower cleaning is a very undesirable job. But there’s no escaping it… and ignoring your filthy shower screen is just going to make your cleaning job harder when you get around to it. So make your cleaning job easier by following these shower maintenance tips.

1. Start with a quality shower screen

  The best way to ensure a long lasting shower screen is to start with one that’s great quality. Only buy from a reputable dealer or manufacturer who provides a quality, chip and crack-free product that meets the standard for toughened glass. (That’d be me, so if you need a quality glass shower screen in Perth, we should chat.)  

2. Choose easy-to-clean surfaces

  If you’re still planning your bathroom renovation or building your new shower area, you can make your cleaning job much easier in the future with some smart choices now. Go with shower screens that have fewer surfaces and fixtures. For ultimate low-maintenance, I love a frameless fixed shower screen because there’s no extra surfaces to collect scum or mould. And they look amazing, too.  

3. Clean your shower head every 6 months

  A clean shower starts with a clean shower head, because (to state the obvious) that’s where all the water comes from. Luckily, you won’t need to follow this shower maintenance tip every time you clean your bathroom! Cleaning your shower head about twice a year should be enough. If it’s been awhile since you gave your shower head a proper clean, it’ll need to soak and dissolve any built up mineral deposits. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it over your shower head (you don’t even need to unscrew it! Let it soak for a few hours, then remove the bag and run cold water to flush the vinegar out for 2-3 minutes.  

4. Use non-abrasive cleaning products

  A pet hate of mine is seeing someone ruin a beautiful custom shower screen with harsh cleaning products or a scourer. If you follow one shower maintenance tip, let it be this one: stick to a soft cloth and mild cleaners only. Looking for a good natural shower cleaner? Vinegar is my favourite. But you can also use a combination of baking soda and lemon juice. It’s up to you! Experiment and see what the best shower cleaning products are for your home. But I like vinegar because it’s cheap, easy to use, and better for you, your family, and your shower screen! Simply combine 2 cups of warm water with 2 cups of white vinegar in a spray bottle (you may also want to add a squirt of dishwasher detergent to work on any dirt and oils). Shake to combine. Then spray on your shower screens, floors, fixings, and tiles. Let it sit and work its magic for at least 30mins or up to 2 hours for built-up grime. Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe away any marks, then rinse with hot water. Read more instructions on cleaning with vinegar in our previous article, how to clean soap scum off your shower screen.  

5. Inspect door tracks

  Nearly everyone misses this shower maintenance tip, so I thought I’d better include it. Sliding shower screens and many pivot and folding shower doors will have door tracks. I recommend you regularly inspect these door tracks for water buildup or mould. If there’s water inside, your drainage holes might be clogged or you might need some more drilled. Keep an eye on this to help your shower screen stay well maintained and last longer.  

6. How to clean shower mould

  So you’ve got a bit of mould in your shower… but don’t panic. Mould can be a bit scary because it starts out small (maybe you didn’t even realise what it was at first) but then it quickly grows. Mould’s not great for your health so get rid of it as soon as you can. All you need to do is spray vinegar (undiluted) directly on any mould and let it sit for an hour (vinegar’s acidity makes it hard for mould to live and grow). Get some hot water on a cloth and wipe the area clean. Finish off by drying the area because any damp will encourage mould to come back and grow.  

7. Prevent hard water stains

  Hard water stains happen when the water from your shower leaves behind mineral deposits on surfaces like your shower screen doors. If you keep your shower cleaned regularly, these stains shouldn’t build up enough to become a problem. But if you’ve left them for too long, here’s what you can do:

  • Soak the area in vinegar for 1-2 hours before wiping clean
  • If that doesn’t work, try doing it again with baking soda added
  • If you’ve got really stubborn hard water stains, use a cleaner specifically for this purpose
  • If the stains just won’t go away, use hydrochloric acid as a last resort to dissolve the stains
  • If you use harsh chemicals, make sure you keep the area well ventilated, protect your hands with gloves, and rinse well after you’re done

8. Clean your drains

  Dirty, blocked drains make for an unpleasant bathroom or shower experience, no matter how clean the rest of your room is. Keep them clean by regularly removing any gunk (hair and soap build up quicker than you think) by hand or with a metal coat hanger hook. Pour boiling water down the drain to melt or breakdown a blockage.  

9. Get a glass squeegee

  One of my favourite shower maintenance tips is to use a glass squeegee after you clean the shower, and after each time you use it. A quick once-over will keep it fresh and streak-free and it only takes 30 seconds. Plus, it’s a good arm workout. 💪  

10. Add more airflow

  If you want a clean bathroom that doesn’t grow mould, you need good airflow. Keep your bathroom windows and doors open during the day (especially important if you have those super small bathroom windows!). Always use your extraction fan when showering, to suck up any extra steam and humidity in the air. This will make a huge difference when it’s already humid inside (hello summer) and when you’re using a lot of hot water (like the middle of winter).  

11. Switch to liquid soaps

  If you hate cleaning up soap scum or you have a family member who likes to leave small chunks of soap behind when their bar is almost gone, you’ll love this shower maintenance tip. Just get rid of soap bars altogether! Bars of soap are fat-based which can contribute to built-up soap scum and drain blockages. Liquid soaps make a lot less mess in your shower and unlike bars of soap, they’re nice and hygienic for the whole family to share one soap bottle, so you can minimise clutter in your shower.  

12. Clean it weekly

  So, how often should you clean your shower? Weekly is about right for most families. This is enough to stop any soap scum and hard water stain buildup before they get tricky to remove. Of course, if you’re a “shower every other day” kind of person (no judgement here), your shower might stay clean for longer than a week. To finish up, here’s the ultimate shower maintenance tip: do what works for you. clean bathroom and well maintained glass shower screens  

Over to you…

  Does your shower need a clean right now? If so, are you planning to use any of the shower maintenance tips I shared? Care to share any tips of your own? Leave me a comment below! And of course, if you need a custom glass shower screen in Perth (one that you’ll be proud to clean every week), give me a call (08 6555 8370). Cheers, Allan  

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