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As we get to the pointy end of 2018, I’m starting to look ahead at the bathroom design trends to expect for the next year. I’ve looked into the emerging shower trends, popular shower screen styles and other bathroom features that are likely to increase in demand in the near future. And with plenty of bathroom renovations and shower screen installations under my belt, I’m starting to notice some interesting trends in this space.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation – or you’re designing a bathroom for your new home in 2019, now’s a great time to decide what trends work for you, what what trends don’t. I’ve covered 11 of the top trends here…


1. Smaller bathrooms

You might’ve already noticed this trend already – bathrooms, showers, and homes in general are getting smaller. This trend is going to continue indefinitely, as block sizes shrink and more people choose apartment living over sprawling urban and suburban homes. So, what does this mean for bathrooms? It means you have to get creative with the space you’ve got. I’m seeing smaller shower recesses, narrower vanities, and fewer freestanding baths. Plus, homeowners who really want to maximise the feeling of space and openness are using clear/reflective surfaces as much as possible. That’s why I always recommend frameless shower screens or semi-frameless shower screens for small spaces. Take a look at our previous blog for more info: shower screens for small spaces.


2. Glamour and luxury

I’m seeing a trend towards glamour and luxury throughout the home right now, but especially in bathrooms. Think of it as mixing the best bits of art decor with modern minimalism and you’ll get the look right. Go for details like gold and metallic fixings, glossy marble tiles, or even a vintage-look vanity. Take things even further (if you’ve got space and budget to work with) with a free-standing ornate footed bathtub and a luxurious padded sitting chair. You’ll have a bathroom fit for the Queen!


3. Trendy shower frame colours

In line with these trends in glamour and luxury, I’m seeing shower frames come back in fashion. Typically, framed shower screens are seen as less desirable than their frameless and semi-frameless counterparts, but many homeowners are choosing to embrace them as a feature. Trending shower frame colours for 2019 include black, brass, gold, and copper. The best part of this trend is that framed shower screens are one of the most budget-friendly options, so you’ll have more budget leftover to dress up your space to match.

A little tip for anyone who’s thinking about installing framed shower screens:

It’s important to avoid overwhelming the eye with too many lines and colours, especially if your bathroom is on the small side. So, when using framed shower screens, try to pair them with similar colours and/or neutrals, like bright white or dark stone tiles.

modern shower head

4. Fancy shower heads

Rainfall shower heads are still hugely popular, in line with the current trends towards luxury bathroom fixings. Homeowners love the look of them and the sensation of a nice warm rainshower to wash the day away.

Another popular option right now is handheld shower heads. They’re nothing new, of course, but as families increasingly need to do more with less space, they’re choosing handheld shower heads because they’re so practical and versatile. You can use a handheld shower head for regular showers, or you can use it like an indoor hose to wash down pets, kids, indoor plants, and other items.


5. His and hers

2019 is set to bring even more “his and hers” bathroom features. Perfect for the couple who loves to get ready at the same time! I’ve noticed that this trend includes more than just double vanities and mirrors, but also double showers for those who have the space (a shower trend that will truly set your bathroom apart!) Will we see his and hers toilets next so you can hold hands while you go? Only time will tell. But you’ll have to admit, there are definitely other advantages to not sharing a toilet with your partner (like no more fights over putting the toilet seat up/down!).

Bright Bathroom In Blue With Candels

6. Feature lighting

In the next few years, you can expect to see a lot more focus on the details. And that includes lighting! You don’t have to stick to the basics… why not turn your lights into a feature? Trends I’ve seen lately include special vanity lighting around the mirror – not only does this look great and draw attention to your mirror features, but it’s very practical for ladies who like to put their face on in the morning (you’ll see every detail!).

If you’re on a budget, you can still jump on this trend – try adding a string of fairy lights over your vanity, secured with removable hooks! It’s a great way to spruce up your bathroom for just a few dollars – and if you change your mind, it’s easy to take them down.


7. Bright, bold colours

In stark contrast to previous years where neutral was the go-to palette for bathrooms, I’m seeing increasingly bright and bold colour choices. Bright red, turquoise, and even yellows are all popular right now, and this trend is likely to continue for at least a few more years. Try adding a splash of colour with gorgeous feature splashbacks, bespoke sinks, feature walls, accessories, and towels. Don’t be afraid to use colour to make an impact


8. Minimalism

Despite the trend towards bright colours, minimalism is still going to be a popular approach for bathrooms in 2019. Most people are still opting for clean, white, and clear to really maximise the feel of spaciousness. To follow this bathroom and shower trend, choose either a frameless shower screen or a fixed glass shower screen without a door. Less is more, so focus on creating a functional space to get clean, relax, and refocus.

natural stone walls

9. Natural tones

Natural tones and textures are extremely popular right now, and this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Incorporate elements like wooden floors, timber veneer cabinetry/vanity, and stone-look tiles to give you the feeling of being out in nature.

Another great way to incorporate natural features is to add indoor plants. A small plant on your vanity or window sill, or a larger one on the floor will brighten your space and help keep the air fresh. Go with a plant that likes dark, moist spaces, like a peace lily, pothos, or maidenhair fern.


10. Feature mirrors

You don’t have to pick a boring rectangular mirror to blend into the wall and create a reflection. These days, your bathroom mirror can be so much more than that! Turn it into a feature with a beautiful frame (perhaps metallic or wood), a unique shape (try a circle or a square!), and featured lighting around it (like a pendant light or globes).


11. Timelessness

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the over-arching trend I’ve seen coming for a long while now, which is timelessness. Bathroom renovation and shower trends tend to be slower moving than many other aspects interior design. In fact, most shower trends stick around for a decade or more at a time. And it makes sense – you don’t want to be renovating every year to just keep up with the latest fashion!

If you want a bathroom that’ll you’ll be proud of for a long time, pick something classic, understated, and minimalist. And always focus on function before aesthetics. If you do that, your 2019 bathroom renovation will take you through to 2029, and beyond!


Over to you…

Ready to start your bathroom build or renovation? What shower trends and bathroom styles are you planing to follow (or avoid)? Leave me a comment and let’s continue the discussion below.

And if you’re unsure about what trends might work for your space, feel free to pop a comment below or give me a call (08 6555 8370) and I’ll see if I can help.




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