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Sliding wardrobe doors – to mirror or not to mirror


If you’re upgrading your built-in wardrobe, you might be wondering about what sliding wardrobe doors to get. And of course, to mirror… or not to mirror?

So let’s talk about some of the different types of sliding wardrobe doors, what they’re best for, and what you might want to choose for your upcoming home renovation or new build.

But first…


What are sliding wardrobe doors and why use them?


Sliding wardrobe doors are designed for built-in wardrobes. They sit on a track and slide from left to right to enable you to access whatever’s stored in your wardrobe or neatly hide it away.

The main reasons why they’re so popular in modern homes are because…

  • They’re space saving – no swinging door means you can stick them in small spaces
  • They’re easy to use – slide open; slide closed… easy! Just like a sliding shower screen.
  • They’re highly durable – your sliding wardrobe doors can take a real battering (ask any family with small kids)
  • They’re understated – while you can make a statement (I’ll talk more about that in a minute), most wardrobe doors are designed to blend with your decor
  • They’re practical – hide away the chaos of your shelves or wardrobe with clean, sliding doors
  • They’re flexible and easy to match – show me a room that doesn’t suit a sliding wardrobe door, seriously!

They come in a range of designs – maybe you’ve only seen the one or two more popular sliding wardrobe door styles, but as you’ll see in a minute, the options are just about endless…


shower wardrobe doors on show in a house


What are the different types of sliding wardrobe doors?


You can get sliding wardrobe doors in a range of colours and materials, including…


1. Vinyl-covered plasterboard wardrobe door


This is the most common option seen in modern homes around Australia. Usually they’re white or cream coloured to blend with your existing walls and decor.

Perfect for: hall cupboards, linen cupboards, bedrooms, investment properties, children’s rooms


2. Silver mirror wardrobe door


A mirrored sliding wardrobe door can add extra function to your room or space. As with bathroom mirrors, adding a mirror to your bedroom (or other space) will maximise the light by reflecting it back and make it feel like your room is a lot bigger than it is.

Perfect for: bedrooms, small spaces, maximising light, dressing area


3. Translucent finish glass wardrobe door


You might not have seen this sort of sliding wardrobe door before, but trust me, they’re a huge trend right now! You can get translucent glass doors for your kitchen cabinets, but why not use it for your sliding wardrobe doors, too? It’s a stylish, high-end look that’ll brighten up any room and add a reflective surface.

Popular option for: kitchen pantries, linen cupboards, offices, and high end designer bedrooms


4. Coloured glass wardrobe door


Sometimes, you just want to make a statement. Don’t be like everyone else and their feature walls… use a coloured glass wardrobe door instead! Choose a colour that matches your existing decor (like kitchen splashbacks, window frames, or cupboards) or go for a colour that’ll pop!

Great for: stylish and modern kitchen pantries, linen cupboards, wardrobes visible in main areas, and high end designer bedrooms


5. Combination


It’s also really common to combine any of the above, so you get one door with one style, and another door with the other style. A lot of the time, you’ll see one mirror door and one white vinyl door. The benefit of a combination approach is you get the best of both worlds – all the function of a mirror, without it taking over your space.

Great for: bedrooms and offices


Over to you…


Are you planning to update or built some wardrobes soon? Leave me a comment below and share the type of sliding wardrobe door you’ve chosen and why.

And as always, for Perth-based people who want help with finding and installing custom sliding wardrobe doors, give me a call (08 6555 8370) and we can book in a free quote and measure at your place.



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