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Looking for some wardrobe storage tips? If you’ve been dealing with a bit of a disaster zone lately, first of all, let me assure you… you’re not alone. And there’s no need to be ashamed if your wardrobe guy turns up and sees a bit of mess (we don’t mind, honestly).

Over the last few years doing custom wardrobe installations in Perth, I’ve seen my fair share of wardrobes – both inside and out. I’ve seen some flawlessly organised spaces, and some that look like a disaster zone. No judgement – I’ve been there myself!

I’m clearly not a Marie Kondo decluttering expert. Just a regular guy who’s seen inside more wardrobes than most and who’s figured out what works and what doesn’t work. So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite ideas and wardrobe storage tips to help you get yours organised (and hopefully stay that way!).  


#1: Minimise clutter to maximise storage


Most people add things like boxes and gadgets to try and fix their wardrobe storage problems. But the first step should be to go through your wardrobe and see what you can get rid of. Especially because wardrobes so often become a dumping ground for everything. Here’s an approach that might work for you:

  • Pull out everything from your wardrobe (you’ll probably rediscover a lot of trash and treasure you forgot you had)
  • Throw out or donate anything you don’t want, need, or fit anymore
  • See if anything remaining actually belongs somewhere else and move it
  • Store like items together
  • Store unused items (wrong size or wrong season) you want to keep in a box or vacuum seal bag
  • Give everything a home so you know where to find it


wardrobe storage tip - get thinner hangers to maximise your space


#2: Customise your space


Take the time to look at your wardrobe and carefully assess the storage space that it offers you. Don’t just think about the volume, but also consider the design. I’m not suggesting you need to build a new wardrobe, but you might be able to get more from the space if you customise a few of the features. For example:

  • Hanging space – Double your hanging space by adding an extra rod beneath the existing one
  • Hangers – Swap your chunky hangers for skinny ones, multi-tiered hangers, or hangers designed for specific items (like belts, trousers, or ties)
  • Shelving – Use shelf dividers to create extra compartments for organising your items
  • Drawers – If you’ve got enough space, add a set of draws to your wardrobe or storing smaller clothes and accessories out of sight
  • Baskets – Keep “like” things together in baskets
  • Hooks – Add some removable hooks to the back of your wall or inside your built-in shelves for hanging small items, or even jewellery
  • Doors – Customising your doors can help with wardrobe storage in many ways, but let’s expand on that in our next tip…


#3: Organise by usage


Put the stuff you use most often at eye level, then the least used stuff at the top and bottom. Your back will thank you for it! And you’ll find it easier to put thing away each time. This wardrobe storage tip works just as great for linen closets, pantries, and just about any type of cupboard.


#4: Maximise vertical space


A lot of the time, I see my clients missing out on valuable storage space up the top of their wardrobes. But this is one of the biggest advantages of custom built-in wardrobes – you get to store things right up to the ceiling! Use this space for storing things you use less often, like off-season clothes, gifts, or keepsakes.


#5: Don’t forget your shoes


This wardrobe storage tip is all about shoes. If your shoes keep ending up in a pile at the front door or all over the floor, you need some kind of storage solution. Here are a few ideas that I’ve seen work well, depending on how many shoes you’ve got:

  • Get a hanging shoe organiser, and hang it off your coat rack
  • Add a tiered shoe rack to the bottom of your wardrobe
  • Order some clear shoe storage boxes to stash your occasional wear shoes at the top of your wardrobe
  • Get a box and throw all your shoes in


#6: Build in a desk…?


This wardrobe storage tip might sound crazy at first, but it’s perfect for children’s bedrooms with very limited space for a study nook. Instead of bringing a whole table into the room, add a fold-down desk inside your child’s wardrobe door. Securely attach it to a shelf with all their study supplies. When it’s time to do homework, they can slide open their wardrobe door, fold down the desk, and get to work. When they’re done, they fold it all up for an uncluttered space they can easily relax and sleep in.


#7: Upgrade your wardrobe doors


Last wardrobe storage tip (but not least)! No matter how amazing your wardrobe storage is, it’ll always look better when you enclose it all in beautiful sliding wardrobe doors. Plus, if your things are ever a little disorganised, you can easily contain the chaos behind a clean surface or mirror. Nobody needs to know! Here’s what you need to do to upgrade your wardrobe doors:

  • If you’ve got a standing cupboard, it’s time to upgrade to a built-in to maximise your storage space and flow
  • If you’ve already got built-in cupboards with open shelving and no doors, add on some sliding wardrobe doors to neatly conceal your storage
  • And if you’ve already got a built-in that’s in need of an upgrade, get some custom sliding wardrobe doors to work with your space, whether they’re mirrored, translucent finish, or coloured glass

Over to you…


In the end, it is really about finding the organisation methods that work for you. So try a few of the tips I mentioned and see how you go. And please share your own wardrobe storage tips in the comments below!

As always, if you need custom sliding wardrobe doors in Perth that’ll help you get more from your bedroom storage (or elsewhere in the house), let’s chat. Give me a call (08 6555 8370) and I’ll give you my best recommendations for your space, including a free measure and quote if you need one.



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