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In the ideal world, we would have a shower room so big; we would not need a shower door or screen. 

However, if living in a town or a city, generally that’s not an option. So we have put together a little blog about shower screen doors.

The shower door itself is usually between 700mm in width and usually a maximum of 1000mm; the larger shower doors work great if access is difficult, i.e. a disabled user or wheelchair access is needed.

Aesthetically, in a larger bathroom, a larger door size works well also.

What about heights?

Again there is a natural determination of a door size if, for instance, you are looking for a door for an attic conversion. The door might only be able to go to a maximum height of 1750mm or even be shaped to suit the eaves/ roof shape.

In the Older buildings, we have seen doors over 2500mm in size and proportion with 800mm/ 900mm width. These types of doors look fantastic.

Weights to consider

As a rule of thumb, it’s worth considering the weight of the glass door, for instance, when it comes to the selection of hinge type and the mounting the shower door will be fitted to.

Weights are based on 1 sqm below

  • 8mm = 20kgs
  • 10mm = 25kgs
  • 12mm = 30kgs

So for a door that is 8mm in thickness, 2000mm in height, and 750mm wide, that would equal 1.5sqm and 30kgs in weight.

Opening and closing?

Traditionally, a door handle or doorknob is used, but more recently, we have seen finger pulls breaking some ground. They have been in all shapes and sizes.

These types of finger pulls are very safe as they are normally polished using a CNC machine.. as far as costs go, a polished hole cut-out costs about 2x the amount it costs for a door handle.

As a statistic, we see approximately 1 in every 10 being cut this way. The advantages of this type of pull are there is zero maintenance to be done. The handle won’t come loose, corrode or otherwise.

The disadvantage of this type of finger pull is it will let water through! So ideally, for smaller showers, I would recommend not do for this type of design.

Shower Door Knobs

Door knobs have been such a success with frameless glass shower doors as they are just the minimum requirement to be able to open and close the shower door behind you.

There are various ranges from modern and contemporary to the more traditional and period; most are solid brass in nature and are finished in various colours, including Chrome, Matte Black, Brass and Nickle.

Generally, they only need a drilled hole in the glass and are simple to fit.

Handle for a shower door

The door handle is a problem solver for heavier doors as it’s easy to grip and pull the door open. This is more evident when compared to a shower doorknob. For instance, when a doorknob becomes wet or soapy, it can be more difficult to grip, also for the elderly or a person with limited grip.

Door handles are still of minimalistic taste and contribute to the look of the shower as a whole none the less.

Most of the shower handles are classed as a ‘D’ shape handle and are normally back to back. This means there is a door handle on each side of the glass.

The shower door handles generally need 2 x drilled holes for fitting, and most are simple to fit and need just an Allen key (comes with handle) and a Phillips screwdriver.

Towel bars for shower doors.

Towel bars we consider a multi-solution to a handle and a towel rail; the idea behind having a towel bar is the towel for drying is handy or close when stepping out of the shower. it works even better if you can open the shower door inwards (if there is enough space to do so)

The shower bars can be fixed single-sided, back to back or with a doorknob assembly.

Shower seals 

Shower Seals are generally required for shower doors to stop water/ spray from escaping from the wet area of the shower. the seals are usually a snap or push onto the glass type and are easy to fit. They are translucent in look and ok to the eye.

If you have a larger shower, you can consider not using seals if the spray is generally not hitting the door in the shower enclosure.

As a trend, I have seen seals now being produced in black to replicate the trend of the black-framed doors/ enclosure that is available but personally, I can’t say if they will be a hit for the user??

Additionally to the seals, there are a few different types of thresholds that can be fitted to the tile/ tray to help with any water that does bypass the shower seals.

Shower Door Costs and Prices

Frameless shower doors cost a lot more than off the shelf due to the fact they are custom made to suit the size of the shower aperture or enclosure. You also have to add the hinges and handles/ seals plus any delivery/ installation.

For the shower door, generally, you will need 2 x cut-outs for the hinges, and 1 x drilled a hole in the glass for the handle or 2 drilled holes in the glass.

A rule of thumb is any door over 711mm will need 3 x hinges, and doors go up to a maximum of 1000mm in width. If you’re not sure of what type of door size and tolerances you need, you are always welcome to call or drop us an email.

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