AMAC Showerscreens & Robes is a family run Perth business.


AMAC Showerscreens & Robes services the Perth Metropolitan area to residential homes, builders, real estate agents, hotels and motels.

We provide a hassle free service and quality products as well as free measure and quote which can be arranged after hours, if needed.

the Best Shower Screens For perth Homes

The shower is a place to relax. A place to freshen up, get ready for the day or wind down for the night, a place to indulge and escape the everyday grind for a few moments. At AMAC Showerscreens & Robes, we understand the need for a bathroom that is designed exactly to your specifications, which is why we offer four different shower screens options for our Perth WA clients.

AMAC Showerscreens & Robes installations in Perth

The advancement of technology has beckoned in a number of innovative solutions for showers, creating a smart, practical and beautiful addition to your bathroom. Our range of shower screens Perth include:

  • Framed shower screens – traditional, practical, easy to use. Framed shower screens remain a firm favourite for many homeowners.
  • Semi-framed and semi-framless Shower screens – the perfect compromise. Get the sleek, clean look of a frameless shower, while also benefitting from the strength and look of a framed piece.
  • Sliding shower screen – the ultimate in innovation, achieve a clean, modern look with a sliding shower screen and get the best indulgent experience.


Our framed or frameless mirrors Perth provide a finishing touch to any room in the house. Installation can be expected within 10 working days from the date of ordering with installation available 6 days of the week.

Stylish & modern Sliding wardrobe Doors

Our made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors Perth can be installed in a gloss, matt, mirror or powder coating finish in the colour of your choice. Workmanship is guaranteed for five years from the date of installation.